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13:12: Make The Clock Work

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Understanding the Clock Work

It’s not every day you come across documentaries that move you close to tears. If you’re a history buff and you’ve read and watched the events that have defined humanity, you’ll appreciate a lot more and complain a lot less. You see the whole truth with no filters. Meaning you can’t choose to be ignorant and pass judgment on the present when you’ve been exposed to the past. Documentaries do that to you.

They aren’t for entertainment. They are for us to rethink our values and assess our beliefs. Make the Clock Work may be about one person’s life, but it’s yet another story of the human condition and what it means to exist on this earth.

make the clock work
some team members of take it to the max and 13:12

Focus of the Documentary: Clock

The documentary is a production of Take it to the Max. ‘Take it to the Max’ is a YouTube channel with host Dilys Max-Voy, who has personalities grace each episode to talk about their passions, purpose, and what makes them unique.

This is the channel’s pilot documentary, and it has been warmly received by the Ghanaian audience. The main character, Clock, is an individual known in many circles.

Not only for his skill but for who he has become despite the obstacles life has placed before him. The hour-long piece of content details the life of Emmanuel Eckow Amoako, known as Clock, a Ghanaian basketball player who is physically challenged and had to endure mockery because of this challenge.

The name Clock was even intended to be a form of discouragement to the boy as he pursued his dream.

A vector image of Emmanuel Eckow Amoako (Clock)

The Story of Clock 

The documentary, in its details, shows, however, that Clock was not the only person affected by this. His family and his friends all bore the weight of seeing a kid with wild talent and potential, be declined repeatedly just because of his physical disability. But would that stop him?

No. Clock learns to accept the harsh reality that life has dealt with him. Quite a bitter pill for anyone to swallow, especially when it stops you from chasing your dream and passion. But he put his head down and put in the work.

And with his effort and ability, he has redefined what it means to be an inspiration. The name Clock isn’t one attached to mockery anymore. It is accompanied by head nods and fierce respect in the Ghanaian basketball community and the streets.

Emmanuel Eckow Amoako
Emmanuel Eckow Amoako

Clock’s Tale of Inspiration

Now all this is amazing. It feels more like a scripted story than it does in real life. That’s because, mostly, we don’t think it’s this close. The beauty of this story is not in the ‘happy ending’ the character has after overcoming many adversities. It is in the approach and attitude of the individual, after realizing denial and just being the best, that won’t stop people from referring to his disability.

Realizing that life will knock you down and you will fall is vital. But a man isn’t a man because he falls, he’s a man because he rises from the dust. But what’s rising from the dust if you’ll be knocked down again? It’s rising back with purpose.

clock eckow

Rising, knowing that maybe you will be knocked down again, and if it happens, you’re getting ready to get back up again. It sounds harsh, but that is the reality for some people.

It isn’t tiles, luxury, and roses. It’s grit, determination, and sweat. And sometimes it doesn’t happen until after a long time. But when you’re walking through the tunnel towards the light, don’t forget to read what they wrote on the walls to steel your resolve.

A documentary worth checking out

The crew involved in this were Dilys Max-Voy, Jerry Aidoo, Kobby Agyei-Agyemang, Enock Baidoo, Sey, Bobby E.M.A, Bryan Stanley, and Bawala Studio. Make the Clock Work is out on Take it to the Max’s YouTube Channel.

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