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A Curious Dynamic in Music

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‘He who sings frightens away his ills.’ – Miguel de Cervantes

Singing. A very mundane thing in life. Even if we don’t do it ourselves, we’re constantly plugged in and listening to people do it. In our Bluetooth speakers with the famous catchphrase ‘ze blutuft zewise is leady to pearl’ or our earphones, headsets, or AirPods, we’re always listening to music and listening to someone sing.

And music has blessed us over the times, “it is food for the soul” and we can hardly disagree with that. But it’s such a broad topic, so we’re honing in on an interesting paradigm of it in this article; good singing, good songwriting, bad singing, and bad songwriting.

A lot of people have noticed this and probably never realized it. There’s an insane amount of artists who can blow your mind with their vocal abilities. But for some weird reason, the very awesome songwriters that can move your soul with their lyrics aren’t usually the ones with the best vocal abilities. So there are good singers who are bad songwriters, and bad singers who are good songwriters.

And then are good singers who are good songwriters, and bad singers who are equally bad songwriters. Now when you come across an individual who possesses and exhibits both aspects to its utmost peak, you have found a walking, talking, moving miracle. Looking at the music scene, songwriting is a delicate topic to touch on as it is very subject.

For songwriting it takes twice as much time to listen, understand, and connect with. On the other hand, good singing, well there’s not a level defined for what good singing is, because when you hear it, you know it’s good.

There are just enough guidelines for your sense to know that something is soothing and bringing satisfaction to the body as it listens. A very interesting tightrope that most artists need to walk and make sure they don’t fall. It’s a dynamic that exists not only in music, but in other art forms.

It is not to say that one holds more importance than the other, but that one takes time to sink in and the other can be exhibited at the moment. Hence the latter being the one people are inclined towards when they first hear someone as opposed to the former, which requires a sense of quieting oneself to wholly focus your senses on.

To be in the era we are in right now and this current period of being indoors, our attention on some stuff might have increased, especially with things like music.

We want to listen more rather than just hear. And this is true for anyone who is genuinely into music. In this period, you’re getting in touch more with the music you listen to and you’re paying attention to things that you wouldn’t give a damn about if life was normally flowing as it is. The truth is, to be able to listen is an art and one must sharpen his sense to be able to do it.

The reason this is said is that people enjoy a lot of things but can’t tell you why they do if you ask them. Very few people can have conversations about the dynamics that go into music, especially the songwriting aspect and it shows.

The songwriting on the local scene has been an interesting topic to contend with. Very few of our musicians seem to have it on lock, but it will interest you to know that there are a lot more amazing songwriters out there who just haven’t broken into the mainstream yet.

That is a conversation for another day, but on this matter, it is one that we can keep touching and talking about.

None of them outweigh the other in importance, a singer should be able to sing to the best of their abilities – but to the best of their abilities doesn’t mean they will be as good as you hope them to be. The same thing applies to songwriting.

The idea is that there is a good level an artist can reach in whichever field they want to get better at if they put in the effort and attack it with the idea to get better. But the balance is necessary.

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