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Africa World Cup qualifiers: Clash of Titans & Rivalries

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Just a month later. After a thrilling African Cup of Nations tournament that was hosted by Cameroon, we get to see the qualifiers for the next World Cup. The world cup qualifiers for African countries will take place in March, and at the end of those games, we will know who will represent Africa at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

It’s the World Cup qualifiers. There’s always excitement because some big names might miss out, and some surprising countries might sneak into Qatar.

But this time around, it’s extra exciting. Why? Because of 2 matches and their opponents. 

salah and mane

Egypt Versus Senegal

Egypt, who lost in the final of the AFCON 2021, will have an opportunity to get their revenge and strike an even more fatal blow to Senegal, who beat them to lift the trophy. Egypt will not only relish this opportunity to silence the critics but also book a place in Qatar at the expense of Senegal. 

On the other hand, it is another opportunity to inflict more pain on Egypt, as Senegal hurt their pride by beating them in the final. If they manage to win against Egypt and qualify for the World Cup, it would be the icing on the cake for the country after lifting the AFCON trophy. 

Ghana Versus Nigeria 

Egypt and Senegal may be a battle with recent history and emotions in it, with all the right reasons at play for each team. Ghana versus Nigeria has a bit of a different complexion to it. For the longest time, Nigeria and Ghana have felt like siblings. As to who is the big brother and who is the little one, we still can’t tell.

But we seem to have a bond that transcends any interaction with other nations on the African continent. Everything from our respective languages to our foods has been compared, in a bid to see which is better. 

R2Bees and Wizkid

Nigeria Taking the Lead in Music 

In the past 5 years, however, bar governance, Nigeria has probably enjoyed more success in music than Ghana has. And that has been a contentious issue. Nigerian acts have populated charts internationally, leaving Ghanaian artists in the dust.

Although each has had a surge of new artists take over the market, it is clear which country is ahead.

When a chart on Apple music surfaced to show that only one Ghanaian song was there, with the rest of the positions taken by Nigerian artists, the trolls were endless. Throw in the Grammy winners Burna Boy and Wizkid. and Ghana is lost. 

Africa World Cup qualifiers: Clash of Titans & Rivalries

Ghana’s horrendous football plight & Nigeria following suit. 

Recently, there was a bit of a tussle between Ghana’s Shatta Wale and Nigeria’s Burna Boy, and it didn’t end well. Since then, both countries have been at each other’s throats, throwing achievements in each other’s faces.

So when Comoros knocked Ghana out in the group stages of the AFCON tournament this year, hell indeed broke loose. Even South Africa joined in the fray online trolling the Black Stars.

But Karma, they say works like clockwork. Nigeria had one of the best squads in the tournament, and many touted them as favorites. Ghana, seeing early elimination, was just one less heavy hitter.

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So imagine what happened when Nigeria went ahead only to lose to Tunisia. Disaster. The Ghanaians came out of hiding with full force.

They may not have shown it in the moment of their elimination, but they were pained and bitter. Nigeria, who had been the voice of trolling, had now fallen to the same plight. 


So with the current history between the two, this doubleheader will be wild. And knowing that one of the countries will ultimately not go to the world cup, they both will appear in a different form to battle it out at the World Cup qualifiers.

If you thought the AFCON was thrilling, the house is about to catch fire.

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