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Personality Profile: Afrobeast

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An avid creative whose word plays so much that words say I play too much; a Ki'shon flow. Life is a journey and we're all full of stories.

Nicholas Botchey, popularly known as Afrobeast, is an afrobeat and dance artist who doubles as an Afropop dancer. He is a professional dancer at DWP Academy (Dance With Purpose Academy), as well as an artist with multiple records done in collaboration with other artists, most notably, Dance god Lloyd. 

Afrobeast stormed into the limelight when he invented the afrobeat dance move named ‘Guda’. For those that don’t know, Guda is from the native language of Hausa and means the first or number one.

Like all other afrobeat dance moves that have come into the mainstream since afrobeat universally captivated the world, this dance also exudes energy and intensity.

The dance, according to the dancer, was motivated by the 2020 police brutality and racist events that happened in the United States and other parts of the world. So combining the idea that all men are supposed to be free and the fact that as a person, if you strive enough you can be number one at anything you put your mind to, the dance was born.

And to his interest, the #gudachallenge trended for a time as it inspired people all over the world. There’s an official video on YouTube with DWP Academy showing off their stuff with the core of the choreography being formed around Guda. 

Afrobeast as a dancer has performed on many notable stages including One Africa Music in Dubai, as well as choreographed the DWP Dance performance at Afrochella. He is also known to have hosted a dance class in Dubai. 

dwp ghana
In focus – Afrobeast, Dancegod Lloyd and Quables

He is currently in collaboration with Dance god Lloyd, as they work on their debut joint tape titled Akwantuo. The album details a journey of where they both started from, where they are and where they hope to find themselves in the future.

The leading singles in Corner Der have already made waves across the country, with Eheati coming soon as well.

Outside that, Afrobeast released Full Magazine in the year 2020, as well as Menti with Dance god Lloyd in 2021. 

afrobeast bio
Multitalented artist- Afrobeast

The young man, passionate about music and dance, says he approaches his craft with diligence, intending to be legendary.


Every move and every lyric he puts across tells of a story filled with many experiences and steps taken to reach this point. It seems this is only the beginning for Afrobeast as he journeys to greatness. 

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