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All We Can Learn From Malcolm in Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie Pt II

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Picking up from the previous article where we touched on the themes we identified in Malcolm’s role in the relationship from the movie Malcolm & Marie, we continue with the second thing to be noted down and wrap it up in this write-up. 

The Marks Males Have Left to Females

During the scene where we listen to Malcolm’s monologue as Marie is in the bath, we pick up a few things about Marie’s past, Malcolm’s past as well but we also realize the effect of Marie’s past on her psyche as seeing a lot of darkness and evil had been done to her, may cloud her ability to see genuine good in people.

So genuine goodness isn’t something she may accept, even if it slapped her in the face.

Applying it to the narrative around females these days, they get into a relationship after relationship, which dealt them evil. But it’s easy to assume that their standard of good has significantly lowered hence they either give genuine guys a hard time or fall easy to the subtlest of genuine gestures. But again, that’s a reaction to a cause.


The cause is that boys have dealt treacherously with females so much so that they have developed these protective shells. So of course you can’t blame girls who feel insecure about boys being genuinely kind to them. That’s the male gender’s fault. And the reaction or protection women have had to come up with for themselves.

It’s easy to say the girl is the problem because of her reaction to stuff, but in Marie’s case, she’s been through hell. In our generation girls have met very negative males and now we have to deal with this.

It’s a call to action for males all around to raise their standards with values and how we treat women. Because the stuff that Malcolm said and showed isn’t farfetched. And it’s not enough to have the good sides he has and carry the flaws he shows. The whole gender has to up its game collectively or else females will continue to behave the way they behave.

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Show’s Over & Curtains Drawn

We can sit back and say what we want, but every male can become a Malcolm. And unlike experiments, these are people’s lives you handle in such situations. As a male, you’ll never know until you’re knee-deep, most times, in a romantic relationship.

It’s not beyond any of us to be manipulative, toxic, or abusive. Ideals and values are just sweet theories until we put them to the test, especially in a context like a romantic relationship.

Same thing with being a parent or a guardian. You never know, no matter how much you read or study. Like how many parents didn’t think copying their kids up and being strict with them was the best way to go only for it to blow up in their face? Why?


Cos worked on them, so they figured it works. That’s how being a male in a relationship is, because there are a lot of factors that come into the discussion. How does a male who has only been with his boys his whole life talk to a girl he goes out with?

Chances are he’ll attempt treating her like one of his boys – that treatment may not work but how they know? Humans can bring out the worst and best in a person, so when you place yourself in that ring, there’s no formula to predict it.

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