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All We Can Learn From Marie in Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie Pt III

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Premiered on Valentine’s, this movie was the perfect cinematic creation for lovers to the lounge and ask each other difficult questions. That’s if it does not turn out to be like Ariana said, “we watching movies but ain’t seeing nothing”.

For an under 30 days production with about a 25 member crew, Zendaya and John David Washington put their best foot forward to make this the best 1 hour 47 minutes of your day you can exhaust on a movie.

The movie tells a story of a young man who has finally made his mark in the movie industry that received so much love at the expense of his once drug addict girlfriend and forgot to do one single thing after the successful premiere.


In one evening they have heart-ripping, thought-provoking, emotionally damaging, and vulnerable conversations, more like arguments. Spoiler alert this is a lovers banter you have never seen before so buckle up your emotional seatbelt ladies it is going to be a long wrecking yet satisfying journey.

Although it is a love story, it is also a big cry about how there are fewer and fewer black writers in Hollywood leaving a mark. In a scene where Malcolm goes on and on about how he felt about a review of his movie, he mentioned some iconic names asking questions on why they created their movies in a particular way and how the artistic value might be depreciated in the eyes of the layman. 

marie -movie


Marie is the typical broken girl who met a man who was there for her through all her pain and hard times. She loved him the way she understood how best to, counting her mistakes yet getting better at being a good girlfriend.

Even though she has the tenacity and strength of the typical strong black girl her vulnerability was Malcolm. 

For the sake of that vulnerability, she felt cheated, hurt, and left behind because Malcolm robbed her of her story. Coming from a difficult place, she was scared of what Malcolm wanted and needed.


All she wanted to be was to be a part of something with him together. To be a better partner in both his career and life of which she became with zero recognition.

For the longest time building to that very night, she has been taken for granted, forgotten, and not loved the way she yearned for. Just because she had a history and no type as Malcolm described, it is to be noted that Marie was a lover in the purest, authentic way.

Digging deeper and relating it to our day and time, like she said, “the little things”. 

men at work

Men have been drowned so much in their work, career and so money-minded they forget to be emotional support and pillar to the women in their lives, finding time to understand their needs that do not involve money.

Every girl can admit that at a particular point in her life has had a man leave her shattered and destroyed. Typical example; ‘I take care of you, grind to put food on the table and all you do is nag or you have not contributed anything to this relationship than sex’. It even boils down to things that are not said. 

scenes from the movie

Malcolm deserves credit for sticking with Marie for so long and loving her in his twisted way but is that enough? For girls who have had toxic histories like Marie who abused drugs as a result of whatever trauma tend to be matched with obnoxious megalomaniacs.

Which is no fault of theirs because they need the control to find their way back to being normal. These men also in turn forget that when these women get back to their original selves, their desires and needs change. 

The conversation around toxic relationships and in toxic relationships is going to remain a tale as old as time but Marie & Malcolm brought us a fresh perspective or not.

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