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Anime SZN 2022: The Return of Bleach

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Bleach makes its Triumphant Return!

So many years have gone by since Bleach came to an abrupt end. A shonen anime franchise that is regarded as part of the big 3. The big 3, for those who don’t know, are Naruto, One Piece & Bleach. Naruto ended, giving birth to its less popular next-generation spin-off following the story of Naruto’s child, Boruto.

One Piece is still going strong, and I’m sure their fans are aware of the fact that their ending isn’t anywhere near the foreseeable future. Bleach, however, didn’t have the privilege to continue its anime franchise.

Tite Kubo, the creator, has battled with adverse health conditions, and it made it difficult for him to keep the anime side of things going even though the manga continued and has come to an end. 

Image: Studio Pierrot

The pain Bleach Fans carry 

Bleach fans have watched the other 2 go toe to toe for the number one spot. To this day, it is a contentious matter in the anime community. A lot more people prefer Bleach owing to the characters and the action scenes. More importantly, Bleach didn’t have prolonged battles filled with conversations a lot of the time.

The out-of-arc episodes didn’t last long, and they kept going into arcs straightaway. That made it much more entertaining to watch, as Naruto had too many out-of-arc episodes, and One Piece was just too long for people to follow. Rumors have been around for a while, stating that Bleach would make a return.

But these rumors stretch as far back as 5 years ago. So the belief of its return waned. Imagine how the community felt when the official announcement came saying that Bleach would get an anime adaptation for its 1000 year blood war arc.

Congratulatory messages were sent from Kishimoto and Oda (creators of Naruto and One Piece) to Kubo as they acknowledged the greatness he created in the Bleach franchise. They were also happy to see that it is finally making its long-awaited return. 

A shot from new trailer

Released Bleach Trailer 

The trailer for the 1000 year blood war is already out, and the anime style demonstrated already shows that they are not going to pull their punches with this one. Bleach was already good in its story, power system, and epic action scenes.

Fans are reminded of fight scenes like Ichigo versus Byakuya, Ichigo versus Grimmjow, and Ichigo versus Ulquiorra. So seeing the updated character designs and the delicate nature of the colors coming together to compliment the power-ups, we’re in for a treat. 

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A lot of continuing anime and new franchises are hitting the deck. But there’s no doubt Bleach’s return is nostalgic and a privilege to witness. Welcome back, Bleach! 

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