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Anime SZN 2022: What to Expect Pt.2

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The Line Up for those Continuing Seasons 

The saga of Tanya the Evil

If you’re into a mystical premise, with a touch of science, a bit of twisted comedy, and insane action sequences on the battlefield, this anime is for you. The saga of Tanya the evil sees an atheist professional worker reincarnated into a child’s body after he was on the brink of death by a being that proclaims itself to be God.

The being gives this man a new life albeit in different circumstances, a different timeline and setting. The man, now Tanya, is doing everything he can to disprove this being’s claim with his efforts.

He does this as a high-ranking official in the army, fighting at the frontlines with the technology of that era. Season 1 was a classic, and the subsequent movie was also all-action. Season 2 is going to be good for sure. 

To Your Eternity

If you’re a sucker for emotions, stay away from To Your Eternity because the whole franchise is premised on emphasized emotional journeys. The story follows an immortal being, who takes on various forms. Most notably, an abandoned village boy with a white wolf.

The immortal being does this, trying to learn and understand what it means to be human. To Your Eternity left many in tears right from the first episode and the emotional trip is heavy in each episode. So we’re ready for season 2, or are we? 

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Yes. One of the things you’ll have to get used to is the weird titles that various Japanese anime have. But don’t let it stop you from enjoying the anime themselves. This happens to be one of those you can enjoy as there is a light-hearted and comic outlet about the whole premise.

Satan is seeking to conquer the world of Ente Isla but retreats after a confrontation with Hero Emilia. His retreat takes him through a gate transporting him to modern-day Tokyo, Japan.

Satan, desperate to return to his own time, takes on a different alias and is now a part-time employee at a fast-food restaurant. Incredible and ridiculous at the same time. But it’s worth the watch, and season two will keep the energy going. 

Movies Coming Out

As old franchises are renewed for new seasons and new franchises are introduced into the limelight, let’s not forget about the anime movies coming out this year. The lineup looks very strong. My Hero Academia released a movie last year which is still yet to be available everywhere.

It is the same story with Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which came out in December but will take a while (probably a few months into this year to be globally accessible). Slam Dunk has a movie coming out, and that will bring back memories.

Slam Dunk was the predecessor to Kuroko no Basuke, and both did well with regards to the presentation of basketball in anime.

One Piece Red will be coming out this year as well, so that’s a treat for One Piece fans. The Seven Deadly Sins will also continue their streak of releasing movies, and finally, The Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime will get an anime movie this year. 

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New Anime Franchises 

As for the new anime franchises, we won’t go into details too much because we wouldn’t want to give too much away. Just know that these are anime ranging from the genre of sports, horror, and dark shonen to a light-hearted slice of life and action.

Blue Lock is a football-themed anime about finding the ultimate striker for the Japan national team.

The manga was well received, and fans can’t wait for the panels to come to screens.


Spy x Family has a bit of a slice of life in it, but the premise and its development may be just enough regarding story and action. Uzumaki should not be mistaken for the more popular Uzumaki Naruto because it is nowhere near the Naruto franchise.

It is a horror-themed anime that has been touted as one of the good ones on the horror list. If horror tickles your fancy, this might be one to watch out for.

Finally, if you’re looking for an intense, all-action anime franchise with amazing visuals and top-notch action sequences, this is the one for you. Chainsaw Man released its trailer last year, and the community lost it. It is a front-runner for the action-based anime coming out this year. 


Without a doubt, there’s a lot to look forward to this year in the anime world. It’s still not too late to jump on the roller coaster and enjoy it all. 

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