Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Students face death penalty for watching Squid Game

A man who smuggled a Netflix original series, Squid Game, into North Korea has reportedly been given a death sentence. The man was arrested by authorities after some high school students were caught watching the blockbuster series, according to Radio...

The box we have been made to think In.

It is ironic how we’re challenged again and again to think outside the box, to reason for ourselves, to come up with new ideas that challenge the status quo, and then when we dare to even step outside the...

A highlight on Ghana’s current Minister for Health, and the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health exists to primarily improve the health status of all people living in the country. This supports the Government’s vision of universal health coverage and a healthy population. It works hand in hand with its agencies and...

A highlight on Ghana’s current Minister for Finance, and the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance was established under sections 11 and 13 of the Civil Service Law 1993(PNDCL 327). Its core mandate is to ensure that the country’s macroeconomic and financial management is done effectively. Under this mandate lies the duty...

The Ministry: The current Minister for Education and the Ministry of Education

Established under the Civil Service Law 327 and PNDC Law 1993, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is charged with the duty of providing relevant education to every Ghanaian. The ministry is responsible for overseeing and managing Ghana’s affairs in...

The Ministry: The current Minister for Information and the Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information (MOI) is a major stakeholder for government communications. It is responsible for circulating government policies and ensuring that the people are abreast of information concerning the activities of the government. In this regard, the Ministry of...

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