Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Bryan The Mensah’s “Problem No Dey Finish”, a sign he’s ready to come Outside

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An avid creative whose word plays so much that words say I play too much; a Ki'shon flow. Life is a journey and we're all full of stories.

Been a while since we heard from Bryan The Mensah. The talented rapper and producer seems to have gone cold after he dropped NOT GOING OUTSIDE & I Don’t Feel Like Going Outside.

Since those two projects, we haven’t heard a peep from the artist, until recently when he dropped his first single of the year out

of the blue. 

What the Track is about … 

The track, produced by Okaiwav saw Bryan channel his signature rap – sung flow, delivering what was more or less a word to the wise. The record talks about living within your means and the unfortunate incidents that could plague a man with his money.

But the focus for us isn’t just the record itself. It’s the quality that was displayed on it. 

bryan the mensah-problem
Bryan The Mensah

What does it mean … 

Bryan shot onto the scene with his Friends with the Sun EP and followed it up with Wildlife. The Outside series may not have been his best work, but it just meant, like every artist, growing and experimenting, he was trying out new things and it doesn’t always work out.


But Problem No Dey Finish, coupled with a freestyle he dropped on Twitter, shows that the album he’s working on might be his best work yet. This might all be speculation, but Bryan has always had it in him and we don’t think a few mishaps along the way will stop him. 

Besides, every artist has to go through rough times and come out stronger. It makes sense he took that sabbatical. Feels like he’s coming in with the heat. 

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