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BSIFF Announces New Award Category: Best Music Video

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David Bowie’s words were,” music video is the logical fulfillment of art and technological destiny. I see it as an artistic extension.” 

Iggy Azalea; the rapper is famously known for her biggest known hit single “Fancy” also stated, 

“I was a kid watching music videos which were so cool and made me want to learn how to dance. I wish I could have gone and learned hip-hop dancing. ” 

We can all relate to music videos on a certain level. The excitement, the sadness, and the mediocrity all came together to feed us and help us understand the singer’s perspective. I mean, good work is good work and bad work is just no work at all. 

bsiff video category

The production of music videos can be a fundamental training and nurturing ground for upcoming filmmakers experimenting with their craft; a visual and more sensual way of expression for musicians. Such are music videos. 

But it is quite unfortunate that music videos are not acknowledged as films but as dramatizing effects to recorded songs. 

Professionally speaking, music videos or most of them employ the use of storytelling, conceptualization, and film production techniques. 

BSIFF 2020

The Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF), known for offering value to filmmakers’, awarding and offering distribution opportunities to feature films, student films, short films, documentary films, Ghanaian films, Women films, and Africa-rising films. 

The sixth edition of their honorary festival has announced adding a new category which is the Best Music Video category, which is to award music videos that have strong story-telling, conceptualization, imagery, and film production. 

According to the Director of BSIFF, Ms. Philippa Ama Bentuma Arthur, the decision to add a music video category is to “celebrate the production of music videos in Ghana, Africa and the world and nurture the great partnership between the music and film making communities in Africa especially. 

film making-bsiff

Arthur said that there seems to be an underlying gap between filmmakers and musicians/artists, which needs bridging, and BSIFF is ready to do that. 

I’m guessing some might be wondering what the criteria for music video submission are. Is it favourable, fair, or balanced? 

See for yourself. 

It is simple. BSIFF is accepting music video submissions from all over the world. Music Videos must be under 10 minutes and from any year regardless of budget, popularity, or language. All you need to do is visit to submit. For further enquiries, contact the BSIFF office on +233 506481853. 

Blackstar International Film Festival

Also, submitting your work will not be a waste of time and talent at all because; 

● BSIFF will promote your music video all over the year on their social media pages especially, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, with a rapidly growing number of followers.

● Your information regarding your music, videos and regular news will be showcased on the BSIFF website, with several monthly visitors and ranks high on search engines. 

● Throughout the Festival period, from August 18-22, 2021, your submitted music video will be streamed in a free worldwide online show. 

● An opportunity to perform in front of relevant music executives, filmmakers and a community of music lovers’ during the Black Star Music Concert (B.M.C); a music event for budding artistes, as part of the BSIFF programming. 

● You get a time slot-as long as your music video- for any content you want to promote (e.g. personal messages, impressions, recent work etc.) during our digital and physical film screenings. 

● The best music video will receive a BSIFF trophy. 

● The festival itself is widely promoted, and it is the only festival in Ghana and West Africa, focusing on music videos too regardless of budget. Your music video being accepted into BSIFF brings a lot of good reputation. 

● You and your team members are welcome to join the opening and award ceremony, taking place on the evening of August 18 and 22, respectively. 


At this point, almost anyone would wish they were producers of music videos because this seems almost too good to be true or almost too good to miss out on. 

The Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF) intends to use its platform to showcase independent filmmakers, artists, and musicians to vast and diverse audiences to give them more exposure and recognition. Focusing on celebrating the admiration and joy brought by the union between music and moving images. 

Other categories open for submission include documentary film, feature film, short film, student film, women in film, animated film, Africa rising and Ghanaian films (Odehye3 category). 

Please note that submission ends on march 31 2021, for more enquiries click here or contact +233 506481853

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