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COVID-19 and the Conspiracy Stories – 3

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“The trouble with conspiracies is that they rot internally.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Truer words have never been said. Conspiracies more or less distort your frame of mind, possibly offering the route to delusion as an escape from reality. Although it isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, wrapping your world around conspiracy theories and convincing yourself that they are the realities of life could end up not only hurting you but hurting the people around you as well.

Conspiracies usually become problematic when the theorists desire that everyone comes to their enlightenment and understands their perspective. Unfortunately, that more or less never happens and they resort to extremities to get their points across.

It may come from a genuine place of searching for truth but when tinkered with a hint of desperation, it can become catastrophic.

In any case, we’re resuming our series which shines a light on the current COVID – 19 pandemic and the conspiracy theories unraveling around it. In our previous write-ups, we looked at the theories related to the Chinese and the United States and the idea that Coronavirus, as it is, is a biological weapon that either of these two parties is using to wage economic warfare on each other and the world as a whole. Today we look at yet another one; the population scheme.

Now the population scheme thing is probably the most mundane one to us concerning our part of the world. We all know there’s been a rapid rate of increase in the world’s population, according to a search, the population in the world currently is growing at a rate of 1.05%. What does that mean? An estimate of almost 81 million people per year.

That’s even amazing if you consider the possible number of babies that are being born. The other aspect of it is the fact that because of general advancements in science and technology, health care systems have improved and cures are being found every day for various infections and diseases that would have just killed off several people.

Although the increase rate has gone down as compared to previous years with 2017 having the highest rate of 1.12%, it’s still on-going. And because of its on-going nature, we’re depleting resources at a faster rate. This is basic.

If there are more people in a place as compared to a single individual, resources will finish at a faster rate. That’s exactly what’s happening. So, the idea around the coronavirus with the conspiracy theory is that, whoever released it, just wanted to kill a percentage of the population to more or less stabilize the system.

According to the BBC, Jordan Sather, who is a conspiracy theorist on YouTube has falsely claimed that the outbreak was a population control scheme created in England by Bill Gates.

The fact that someone could come up with exactly what you’re reading based on some facts and possible conjunction is what makes conspiracies what they are, a tad bit interesting. But on the other side of it, the idea itself is wrong for so many reasons.

We can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that we have to actively do something about either controlling our population increase or finding newer sources of resources before we hit a snag with the ones we are familiar with, but that doesn’t give anyone the authority or power to decide for the whole world. History isn’t kind to men who try to play God. Let’s always remember that.

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