Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Facebook & Spotify Teaming Up for Project Boombox

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What has happened so far …

Previously in some of our articles tracking the competition that Clubhouse might face in the coming months, we mentioned that Facebook Inc, one of the creative facets of the giant that is Facebook, is testing the waters by launching its pseudo-clubhouse in its next product Hotline.

Well, if you thought that was the last attempt they were going to make on cashing in on the audio chat services that have boomed since the pandemic hit, you were rightly wrong.

Facebook has now solicited the help of Spotify, another giant in its own right with streaming services, to work on Project Boombox which is supposed to allow users to enjoy not only music but podcasts directly from Facebook’s interface.

Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg

That alone should communicate the gravity of potential in the audio chat services that are currently being dominated by Clubhouse and how much Mark Zuckerberg wants it.

It is supposed to help users launch music or audio content but also make shareability easier.

How it’s all played out …

In terms of competition, this can’t be good news for Apple music who saw their only competition as Spotify. But seeing that Spotify is adding its powers to Facebook, they might be in danger of losing out as Facebook holds the biggest number for community and users.


Add that to Spotify who has recently extended into Africa and other parts of the world and Apple Music has an enormous problem.

What we can expect …

Everyone better buckle up because it’s about to be one roller coaster in the tech space for the next couple of weeks.

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