Sunday, November 28, 2021
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#FixtheCountry #FixYourself & All the Hashtag Trains

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If you’ve been on social media these past few weeks, you’ve probably bumped into some of these hashtags and you’ve probably seen, heard, or read on the conversation it generated. Media personalities, social media influencers, and patriotic citizens voiced out their thoughts and sentiments on the state of the nation.

Power outages, tax, and fuel rate increases have forced the people of the nation to voice out their opinions.

fix the country
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And although it’ll be nice to delve into the issues, we’d rather not because that’s a whole other conversation we as a people aren’t ready for. Even if we are, we’re not ready to execute the solutions we can drum up because let’s face it – democracy as we know it is a huge scam just looking at our leadership.

But does that mean autocracy is the way to go? I’ll leave that to your thoughts. No, in this article we’re going to be talking about relevant craftwork that speaks about these things and how the artists have been sounding the warning drum on these issues since.

On the music scene, we share two tunes, both relevant and enjoyable:

Avit – Election Day

Coming off his Election Day EP, released in 2020, the artist talks about the state of the nation and what the politicians and the leaders keep doing in cycles to this country. Even mentions how Osagyefo would be horrified at how far the country has fallen since he, with the other historical figures, wrestled independence for us.

Avit’s message is simple – for election day, he’ll only be asking what exactly the leadership did, and demand evidence of it. On any other day, it’s quite a pleasant tune to listen to.

Taya – ToluDaDi

The Afrobeat/Afro-fusion artiste didn’t pull his punches on this record as he showed his Nigerian flair on the record. Also coming off his Stimuli Album from 2020, Tolu goes on talking about how our leaders don’t care about us, and that he’s quite fed up and tired.

The song is musically colorful, and it is a jam if you’re in a heightened state of mind or just want to party.

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