Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Ghana’s Presence at the TOKYO 2020 Olympics

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Ghana was at the TOKYO 2020 Olympics. 

It shouldn’t be a big deal, should it? Ghana has been at the Olympics before, so this wasn’t an achievement. However, it was special. Maybe not to the older generation, but the next generation. News outlets were reporting on every detail regarding our Olympians, and the timeline on Twitter was full of support for every effort they put in.

Perhaps it’s because we prefer to focus on other stuff rather than all the nonsense that goes on. You’d get depressed watching the news these days, and something mind-blowing is almost always happening.

But a handful of individuals going to represent the motherland brought a generation together. No hatred, no complaints, just support, and cheers, no matter what happened. The Olympians themselves felt and expressed their joy at the support they’ve received from Ghanaians all over. 

some athletes from Ghana’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics team

This Generation of Olympiads

A handful of individuals who showed up and produced results they can be proud of. They received no substantial investment or support in preparing for the Olympics.

It would be a stretch to say the officials in the country really cared about their potential or what they could even achieve. But this generation, regardless of that, still supported them. So what did Ghana’s presence at the TOKYO 2020 mean?

Frustrated, but not Hopeless

In a video that came out not too long ago, recently named billionaire artist and entrepreneur Rihanna gave a speech. In the speech, she touched a bit on the importance of the next generation to society and the world. 

“I don’t think you get celebrated enough. You should be celebrated for every aspect of your growth and your growing pains. For your creativity, for your fearlessness, persistence, and your determination. You should be celebrated for all the effort you put into building your future, for being different, and for not getting enough credit. Because you are the next generation, and we should invest in you.”

Samuel takyi bronze medalist tokyo
Samuel Takyi – Ghana’s bronze medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

This generation has received a lot of backlashes. Because we have questioned the rules, thrown our fists to the powers that be, and allowed ourselves to dream. A luxury because that’s what the generation before us did not enjoy. But now, this same generation is singled out because it existed in this era. 

But it hasn’t stopped us from rallying together when it mattered. The issues of this country are endless, and to hope that things will change is setting yourself up for potential heartbreak. However, seeing individuals like us shake off the shackles and limitations. Only to go out there and represent the country at the Olympics?

It is a microcosm of what our generation is, and what we are capable of. The government doesn’t look like it cares about a lot of things, so when individuals chase their ambitions, they can only hope that they at least make an impact. And these individuals did, whether the older generation would like to admit it. 

The Olympics are only the Beginning 

We may be out, especially since we were involved in a few events, but those Olympians got us all behind them.

Although the future looks bleak when you take a perspective from what is currently happening, it’s safe to say that the Olympics were only our beginnings. The next generation is gunning for great things and great things alone, and nothing will stop us. 

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