Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Into the Metaverse: Facebook Transitions to new Name

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Facebook died. We are Meta.

Probably the biggest shock in the tech industry. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is the newest step that CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is taking towards the evolution of social connection on the website. It comes as a shock to the entire world, as this isn’t just something limited to Facebook, but all apps and platforms under Mark Zuckerberg.

Hence, Facebook’s name change is just a piece of the complete puzzle.

They are calling it the Metaverse. They covered everything from education to entertainment under the Metaverse in the keynote speech delivered by Mark.

zuckerberg- facebook vr
Mark Zuckerberg on Virtual Reality

Did We See this Coming?

Facebook & Instagram have been active with updates and releasing newer versions of apps. Facebook has also been trying to tap into the audio space with the emergence of Clubhouse. But I doubt anyone saw anything about this magnitude coming. It means they’ve been planning and working on it for a while.

There’s not so much that has been revealed, but one thing’s for certain. It isn’t just going to be Facebook and Instagram.

The Metaverse will include many things we may not even be aware of just yet. From virtual reality, augmented reality, to smart glasses and all. Everything from apps to physical products will be rolled out.

In Conclusion…

There is no Facebook anymore. Its name is now Meta. Meta is a part of the Metaverse, as is Instagram and potentially WhatsApp. We await further updates.

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