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Kanye West, Donda & his Billionaire Status

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Kanye Keeps Going 

It doesn’t matter which era it is or the state of the world, Kanye will still press the pause button and say all eyes on me.

The American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, businessperson, and fashion designer has been in the limelight, but this time for the right reasons. Everything about Kanye in the last two years has been monumental.

From his conversion to the Christian faith, which he unapologetically proclaims in everything he does, achieving billionaire status, to his separation from Kim Kardashian.

It felt like we were about to get another episode of Kanye going through the motions. And every Ye fan will tell you that before his conversion, it was getting scary. On his project, Ye, details a lot of the stuff he was going through, on a mental level. But this time, it’s different.

kanye and his family
Kanye and his family

The Separation from Kim hasn’t been easy

Even though he and Kim are separated, it feels like they might get back together again. And that is because of his new album that is still yet to drop, Donda. Donda is his latest body of project that he’s held 2 listening sessions for and has still not dropped officially. And Kim showed up at the second listening session, matching Ye in his attire on stage with the kids.

A few songs on there are more personal than most, as Ye combines his mastery from his pre-Christian era with the faith he now holds dear. And they aren’t just personal, they are how he feels every day, reading what outlets and the online world are saying about his world.

That Kim and the kids showed up offered fans optimism that maybe they could get back together. If they did? That would be a fairy tale ending. Just another by-product of the waves this unreleased album is making.

kanya and donda picture
Kanye with late mother

Ye is Back!

Donda, named after his late mother, Donda West, has undergone evolutions after two listening sessions. And Ye hasn’t stopped adding final touches to it. The features on the album are stellar, and Ye is pulling out all the stops to make the songs nothing short of phenomenal.

It’s as though he wants to create the perfect album, as he keeps tweaking the songs on the record after each listening session to make them better than before.

Guest artists have listened to songs they are on and have been blown away by what Ye has done with some songs. For fans, that means one thing, Ye is back and in full throttle.

Donda might be his attempt at a perfect album

As music heads, when Jesus Is King came out, many fans enjoyed the core message about Jesus Christ. The problem was that, as much as it was a good album, people felt the Ye element was missing in there.

The Ye element from Watch the Throne, 808 & Heartbreaks, and Yeezus. And for the longest time, people asked whether he’d be able to marry the style that made him top tier with his newfound faith. Well, Donda is that marriage.


Ye Doesn’t Impact Culture, He Creates the Culture 

If you’ve listened to some songs from the listening session or clips on Instagram and Twitter, you probably have a favorite right about now.

And the album is even out. That, my friends, is the impact of Kanye West. Ye forever.

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