Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Love in this Generation

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‘Love is a battlefield’

Last two years, Valentine’s Day fell on a UEFA champion’s league night and the popular question was simple; would the boys sacrifice the first leg of the Blancos of Spain facing off with the Parisians of France for a special night with their significant other?

This dilemma only applied to those who found themselves in a relationship with an actual person during that period – because let us face it, the world has gotten a little crazy.

But the dilemma caused a massive hoo-hah on social media around that time and you had people boldly proclaiming that they would ditch their girls for the game, with others citing the fact that they could always catch the repeat and highlights after their date.

However, that highlights what shape love has taken in our generation’s eyes does it not – cute little events.

In a timeline where terms like ‘situationships’, ‘side boos’, ‘rebounds’, ‘hook-ups’ and ‘one night stands’ all in the name of love and heartbreak have been coined, it is increasingly becoming suffocating to walk the path of a relationship on your terms without pressure from the world.

It is more difficult now than ever because it is not just you, if your partner falls prey to it, you are more or less doomed. The display of love at one’s’ expense has been deemed the pinnacle to prove one’s undying affection to their partner – but it is one question; in the end, are they happy?

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All we see now are snapshots of the high and flying times; the trophies, but we do not see the actual process.

Being exposed to the former creates an illusion that, that is all there is to relationships. Now we have kids who get into relationships based on a few days of just interacting with each other and realizing there is a vibe. I think one of the issues that we are struggling with as a generation is the concept of friendship and human connection.

Simon Sinek said in one of his interviews that because we are a generation that has been privileged to live in a plug-and-play era where we do not have to wait for anything, it has created this subconscious illusion that everything must be instant. However, that is not how it works.

Job satisfaction is not instant, Lord knows how many times a lot of us have come close to giving up because of a bad day or a bad week, but we do not in the end.

Because that is how love is fostered, it is because of the battles won and lost. Long-lasting friendships or just pure genuine friendships, in general, do not happen instantly. That is not how the world works. Until we as individuals grasp that, we will not even begin to scratch the itch, which is the relationship.


Because who didn’t go on and marry their friend or best friend? That is where the relationships grow from and we are missing that unfortunately because we want everything to work in a way that leads to pain and heartbreak.

This Val’s day is on a Friday; the gateway and the portal to the weekend. It is not just a day for cute couple related activities, but for all of us as humans to re-examine where we are in terms of love and friendship and whether or not we are doing a good job for the future generation to come because believe it or not, our time is now.

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