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Movie Review: Malcolm & Marie

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February for most is known for one thing; love. Valentine’s day generates as much noise these days online and offline as Christmas or national elections. Taking into account that this year has been one that most countries have gone into lockdown early, even before February hit, there was already chatter about how this year’s valentine’s day experiences would be with most having to spend it indoors.

So when Netflix dropped this movie that, to a degree, had high anticipation around it just because of its cast; John David Washington, son of Cinematic superstar Denzel Washington and Zendaya, hot actress, talented singer, and producer, you knew it was going to be an interesting one. 

Malcolm & Marie

The plot was really simple: 

A filmmaker on the brink of Hollywood glory and his girlfriend, whose story made his career, find themselves pushed towards a reckoning as a single tumultuous night decides the fate of their relationship. The movie which maintains a black and white visual throughout begins in the home of the couple.

Malcolm is celebrating his success in premiering a movie that looks like it’s set to make the headlines and what was supposed to be a historic night of his life, descends into chaos as he gets into chaos with his girlfriend Marie. 

The movie is a little under 2 hours and provides episode after episode of drama, passion, and revealing how screwed up this seemingly perfect couple is. It’s safe to say that even though rotten tomatoes gave it a 58% rating, it’s quite the movie if drama is your cup of tea.

malcolm and marie-talk
Malcolm & Marie

The themes captured in the cinematic range from dealing with ghosts from the past, facing honesty and transparency, the psychology behind attitudes, and how underrated abuse in our age has been.


Both John and Zendaya’s performances were without a doubt phenomenal. The idea of seemingly slipping into such roles with depth and exuding them as effortlessly as they did shows indeed why they have the quality they have. 

If you’re on Netflix, this is one you should check out. It’ll have you thinking about the narrative and society’s constructs. 

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