Saturday, June 25, 2022
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The 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend

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So Many Things to talk About 

The All-Star weekend is filled with exciting contests and award ceremonies. It is a weekend to have fun and showcase the greats of the game, the current cream of the crop, and the new generation talent. From dunk contests and 3 pointer competitions to the Rising stars and Skill challenges, the weekend rarely fails to deliver.

This year was particularly special because it was the 75th anniversary which meant they would announce the NBA 75 team. 75 of the greatest players from the inception of the NBA till now, would be unveiled.

Truly an honor for any player on the court. Let’s get into how the weekend turned out with the various events. 

dunk contest
2022 dunk winner – Obi Toppin

Dunk Contest Fell Off 

No offense to the participants in the dunk contest this year, but the basketball world was not impressed. Many tweets went up during the contest, reminiscing the times. It’s not the first time the dunk contest has taken a dip in value. It was on a similar wave until Aaron Gordon and Zach Levine appeared on the scene and delivered sumptuous dunks that sent fans reeling.

Unfortunately, the problem now is that players would rather not partake in the competition because there is little to no motivation. We saw better-executed dunks in the All-Star Game than we did in the dunk contest. That is telling.


Obi Topping came through to clinch the trophy, and he deserves his due, but this year’s edition didn’t do it. Especially from the sheer number of unsuccessful dunks that the participants had. 

We’ve seen Ja Morant do amazing things during the regular season, but again, the contest doesn’t give players any reason to partake in it. Hopefully, however, next year brings a bit more life back into it. 

The All-Star Game

LeBron James received a pass, turned around, and hit a fadeaway over his double team; bang. The game was over. Team LeBron had won again, for the 5th time in a row. This happening in Cleveland was simply poetic. But the headliner after the game was the All-Star MVP, Stephen Curry. 

Simply incredible. TNT’s Ernie Johnson said, he made it look “Stephortless”. The man warmed up in the first half and went audaciously crazy in the second half, hitting a whopping 50 points with 16 three-pointers. He set the new record for three-pointers in an All-Star game. It was 9, and he almost doubled it.

He was only 2 points short of breaking the record for points in an All-Star game. But this was phenomenal to witness. Steph has already broken the record for most threes of all time. He is undoubtedly a shooter in a zone of his own now.

But this was also something that was missing from his CV. All-Star MVP? Check. At the end of the game, everyone knew he deserved it. 

The Induction of the 75 All-Time Greats 

What made this edition extra special wasn’t the games or the performances. It was the fact that this was the 75th anniversary of the NBA, and they would unveil the NBA’s 75 all-time greats, since the inception of the NBA. From LeBron James and Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, not forgetting the late Kobe Bryant.

The basketball players were honored spectacularly, bringing the curtains on another memorable All-Star weekend. 

In Conclusion

On a regular season note, it takes off after this weekend. The next stop will ultimately be the playoffs. Teams from the East and the West will battle for slots at the playoffs as the Bucks hope to defend their crown.

The Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns & Brooklyn Nets all have a point to prove this year, and we know it’s going to be chaotic. Buckle up, folks. The season is only beginning. 

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