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The 3 Music Awards in Retrospect I

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With the VGMAs prepping to hold their awards show, there’s been much chatter about how 3 Music Awards may have taken over with their awards event this year. As much as it wasn’t necessarily a Grammy or a BET show, 3 Music awards earned their due from audiences online after they put up a spectacular viewing experience.

It would have been easy to speak of the experience they created in the heat of the moment, but it makes more sense to look at it with critical insight, especially with the VGMAs looming. In this retrospective series, we’ll touch on the nominations, the performances, and the overall experience the show provided its audiences and viewers.

3 music awards 21
MR. Drew, Kidi and Kofi Jamar


Live performances at award shows in the country have been excruciatingly subpar in previous years. You can probably pick out just a few performances that were done that were both faultless and executed to perfection. Mostly, it’s as if the performances themselves are a rehearsal session.

The VGMAs have been major perpetrators. Back-to-back low-quality performances have resorted to the drama that takes place at their events being the headlines instead of the winners of the various awards and the performances that grace the show. We have had a lot of conversations concerning the performances at these shows.

Whether it be the lack of art/creative direction or just the blatant disregard of the import of the live performances to the show, we will never know. What we know is this; 3 Music awards realized they wouldn’t have a full house.

3 music awards 21-diana
Diana Hamilton performs at 3 music awards 2021

Of course, because we’re still in a pandemic, most of the audiences would watch or stream from the comfort of their homes. So they did things a little differently before they pre-recorded the performances.

Sure, perhaps the show was a just playback of videos of performances. No arguments there. But it’s the effort and quality that went into the videography and the visuals for the performances that made people wide-eyed and full of praise.

There’s a level of attention to detail that was shown here that has been lacking in recent years. First, the performance selection.

That most of the acts for the night are the new school artists who are making strides in their careers say a lot. The VGMAs tried their best in previous years to put up-and-coming artists on their stages so we can’t take that away from them. But it’s the frequency here that makes it all come together well.

From Gyakie, Kweku Flick & Mr. Drew to the Asakaa movement with Yaw Tog leading the lines, there wasn’t a dud performance. Notice I didn’t say all the performances were on point. Some were hit or miss, but mostly, they got it right. The selection for the night was a crowd-pleaser, and the audiences were happy with me.

Outside the selection of the acts themselves, the arrangement of the tracks alternating between artists was very smooth. Pitching Medikal and Joey B in one segment made for a very enjoyable session as they traded fan favorites, and it never once seemed boring.

Last, the creativity and investment into the quality of the visuals were commendable. The lights, the colors, the aesthetics, and the all-around energy felt as viewers consumed this snack that had been prepared for them was clear.


They pulled out all the stops for this show, especially on the performance bit. That alone has set 3 Music Awards on a pedestal that I’m sure they’ve been trying to reach for the longest time.

What that means now is the VGMAs have to step up their game this year, especially on a performance note. The game has gotten bigger now, and it’s not just them anymore. The question is whether they’ll be able to deliver on that end.

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