Saturday, June 25, 2022
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The 3 Music Awards in Retrospect III

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To wrap up our series on the 3 Music Awards in retrospect, we’ll finally touch on the experience the award show created for its fans and audiences.


To be honest, knowing that the COVID-19 protocols still hold and there wouldn’t be any live performances, it was a struggle to imagine how any of this year’s awards shows would pan out. 3 Music Awards being the first Awards show wholly focused on music thus had all eyes on them. No one knew what to expect. But everyone was glad about what they presented.

Creative Direction. An element often deployed in sectors like graphic design, film, music, video game, fashion, advertising, media, or entertainment industries. Creative direction is primarily responsible for planning the layout and visuals for print and digital publications, products, and advertising.

3 music awards
Creative director of this year’s 3 Music Awards – David Nicol-Sey

Simply put, whilst everyone is concerned with their technical and organizational responsibilities, up steps the Creative Director to oversee everything from a creative standpoint with an end game of having the product provide a certain experience to its consumer or audience.

Mostly, the creative direction has been overlooked. People didn’t think it made sense or figured it was a fancy way people employed to get money. But the creative direction is probably the reason the 3 Music Awards stood out this year.

There was proper planning, investment, and energy was thrown into how the show would proceed and make an impact but technically and creatively. And the creative team behind the award shows needs to be applauded.


Pre-recorded performances are one thing, but the range they explored for the colors, the visuals, the designs, and the general concepts went through the roof, to be honest. It’s not every day you see performances shown like this at a Ghanaian show.

And all it took was a little out-of-the-box thinking and people willing to go out on a limb and put in the work to make it look the way it looked. It’s certainly better than most of the live performance-based shows we’ve been forced to endure these previous years.

3 music awards ghana
Members of the 3 Music Awards

3 Music Awards created an experience that not only stood out but also raised the standard with award shows, especially for this timeline as the pandemic is still at large. But they also proved that it isn’t just about ideas and cutting corners to present something that saves money but going all out to make dreams come to life.

That only shows that their team has outstanding people handling some of these areas for their events. Knowing that you have an entire year to plan for an event, it should be something we cherish and encourage, as other award shows have failed to live up to expectations.

The VGMAs are on the horizon. I hope they watched this.

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