Saturday, June 25, 2022
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The Aftermath of the Grammys (Final Part)

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The realization that we are the architects of our downfall could not be farther from the truth when you take in all the drama the Grammys has stirred on this side of the planet, and it’s not like we were even taking part.

Imagine if we were. But anyway, we’ve touched on general issues with the fans and listeners, so now it’s time to shine the light on the artists.

The Artist’s Relationship with Producers

The notorious relationship between artists and producers. The recent interview with Drumroll and his experience with EL more or less captured the toxic relationship existing between the artist and the producer.

Music producer in studio
Music producer in studio

We hear stories of artists not paying the producers for their instrumentals or their beats or paying them way lower than they should. There are too many reveals from producers about big named artists who have scaled the heights of fame and yet still never paid the producers back.

It’s sad, sad to think that the most important part of the entire system specifically to the artist is treated this way.

Says a lot about the attitude and character our artists have and how progressively it will hold them back. That’s why many try their best to secure a label to avoid all this. But not paying the producer is the same as not paying the food vendor after you’ve gotten your food – it’s stealing. It’s been done so much now that the public is aware of it.

when they owe you money

I mean, to whom much is given, much is expected. But, countering that, he who is faithful in little, will be faithful in much, but the one who is dishonest in little will be unfaithful in much. If you can’t pay your producers now, what makes us so sure that when you reach the top, you will do due diligence?

Final Thoughts

Look, we can go on and on. The industry is really on the rocks and it isn’t a joke. We didn’t even highlight the award schemes for running amuck and messing up the country. The patterns holding us back will continually do so until we decide to change. And change starts with us.

The Aftermath of the Grammys

As we bring the series to an end, I hope we’ve been able to inform you, our readers, and have been able to shed light on the current issues plaguing our music industry. It is quite integral that we, as fans and the audiences, realize the role we are also playing in this industry and what we can do on our part to improve the quality of music coming from this side of the world.


Ghanaian music has the potential to go all the way, just like Nigerian music has done. It is because we know this potential that it gets us riled up when we realize what is happening in the current narrative. But hopefully, it changes in the coming years.

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