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The Battle of December: Christmas & Entertainment

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Will Christmas still hold its relevance?

December, as the last month of the year, plays a very pivotal role in human existence. Ever since Christmas as a festivity was incorporated into the calendar year, the outlook of humanity has been a lot more warm and positive. During December, the western countries stay indoors, mostly, owing to winter and the snow.

Many family traditions are observed as more and more people get together to spend time with their families and loved ones.

festive season

On this side of the world, the celebration of the birth of Jesus is welcomed with carol events and music being centered on the Christmas carols. Kids enjoy special meals, and families and friends visit each other.

But 2020 did a number on us. It’s not that we hadn’t experienced loss in our lives or that there wasn’t an awareness that people die every day. It is that a pandemic hit us, and we are still in recovery mode.

So much that normal isn’t a term in vogue anymore because the times themselves aren’t normal. And because of the pandemic, a lot of entertainment-based content that would have come out earlier was delayed.

smiling christmass girl

And so now December has been packed with the most interesting cinematic experiences with movies and series alike, bringing highly expected stuff to audiences.

Nothing wrong with enjoying excellent films and entertainment during the period, but how much of a distraction would it serve us in a time where being reflective is cherished and almost holistic?

What’s coming in December?

For those who aren’t aware, they will release the latest installment of the Spiderman franchise in December. It is also coming with the company of Matrix 4. Season 2 of Witcher is also dropping in that month. Money Heist Season 5 will get its second volume to complete the season 5 franchise. All this and a host of other series and movies.

Almost as though the production houses reserved the best for last. And these will all be enjoyable without a doubt, but again, are they coming at the right time? There’s a lot for people to think about.

There’s a lot more for people to reflect on. 2021 is the first year after the 2020 pandemic hit, and we are still seeing the effects and impact it has had on the world.

But it has affected people. For the first time in a long time, a lot more Americans are quitting their jobs.

Instead, they opt to take a break or chase their dreams and their passions.

A lot more agencies and companies are posting issues that are all leading to burnout or mental health problems regarding their employees.

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Final Thoughts

It is as though more and more people are knowing there is no rewind button on life, and once you die, that’s pretty much it. And because of that, we found many more people these days in deep thoughts about existential issues.

Stuff like passion, dreams, purpose, and reasons for existence are increasingly becoming topics of discussion.

Because do you want to do the work you’re doing now for the rest of your life? Is it guaranteed that you’ll wake up and see tomorrow? 

December is special because it allows us to pause and take in the entire year. I wonder now whether this December, filled with the entertainment coming, will allow us to do that.

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